Heart of the Heart Nebula

The central section of the Heart Nebula (IC1805) with the open cluster Melotte 15. The stellar wind and radiation from this cluster of massive host stars, about 1.5 million years young, has sculputured the emission nebula and dark dust clouds into a dramatic scenery.

One more quick mono Ha image of a well known object with my new APM 107/700 Triplet APO. I took this image because I did almost the same with my previous setup a year ago. Compared with the old image, this one looks cleaner with tighter stars. Some of the difference will be due to improved post-processing, however, the new optics also helps a lot.

Exposure: H, 20 x 600sec Date: 2016-12-04
Setup: APM 107/700 Triplet APO with ATIK 460 EXm Site: Langen, Hessen, Germany

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