2015 September

Triangulum Galaxy – M33

The Triangulum Galaxy (M33, NGC598) the third largest member of the local group, with its larger sisters the Andromeda Galaxy and our Milky Way. It consists of 40 billion stars, really small compared to the 400 billion of the Milky Way and the 1 trillion of the Andromeda Galaxy. This in an LRGB image of […]

Iris Nebula – NGC7023

The Iris Nebula, NGC 7023 or better LBN 487, is definitely one of my all time favorites. I have one of my early versions from a year ago in this blog. Usually we admire the mysterious blue glow of the reflection nebula diverting the light of the embedded magnitude 7 star, SAO 19158. However, there […]

Dark and Bright – VDB149/150 and LDN1235

Dark nebulae are something completely out of reach for my usual imaging conditions… pitch black skies and long exposures are mandatory. Deep Sky West offers both, so dark nebulae are a prime target for RGB imaging there. This is the “Howling Wolf” Nebula, consisting of a collection of objects, i.e., vdB 149/150 and LDN 1235. […]

Pelican Nebula – IC5070

Can you see the pelican? This is Pelican Nebula IC5070 in a tri-color narrowband composite. As with all narrowband composites, these are false colors and the color scheme is largely a matter of taste. Here I use a somewhat conservative and not overly colorful scheme. I am still not completely happy with the post-processing. This […]