2016 May

M53 & NGC5053

Exposure: L 16 x 300sec, RGB (16,16,16) x 600sec Date: 2016-04-13…2016-05-10 Setup: Takahashi FSQ106 EDXIII with QSI 683WSG-8 Site: Deep Sky West Observatory, NM, USA

Leo Triplet – M65, M66, NGC3628

The Leo Triplet, a well known trio of beautiful galaxies – M65, M66 and NGC3828. Actually, there are many more tiny galaxies in this image. All of them belong to the M66 galaxy group with the Leo Triplet at its heart. In this deep exposure you also see the tidal tail extending from the edge […]

Whale & Crowbar Galaxies

The Whale and Crowbar Galaxies, NGC4632 and NGC4656, in an LRGB composite. A pair of interesting galaxies in Canes Venatici, which might have had a close encounter in the past. The Whale Galaxy is an edge-on spiral galaxy with a slightly distorted silhouette, its about the same size as our Milky Way. The Crowbar or […]