2018 November

Tadpole Nebula – IC410

This is another attempt at the Tadpole Nebula, Sh2-236, in a bi-color HO narrowband image. You can easily find the two tadpoles that give rise to the name of this nebula. It belongs to one big emission complex together with the Flaming Star Nebula. This image is a narrowband composite using a total of 6 […]

Bubble Nebula – NGC7635

The Bubble Nebula, NGC 7635, part of a larger HII could, Sharpless 162, in the constellation Cassiopeia with the open cluster 52 in its neighborhood. The “bubble” is produced by the stellar winds from a massive young and hot star, SAO 20575, in its center. The bubble is embedded in a giant molecular cloud that […]

Cepheus Region – Super-Wide-Field

This is my second super wide-field mosaic covering a large part of the constellation Cepheus. It includes many prominent objects: from the M52 Open Cluster, the Bubble Nebula and the Claw nebula on the left to the Elephant’s Trunk and Flying Bat Nebula on the right. As shown in the annotated image below, this region […]