2017 October

Cygnus Region – Super-Wide-Field Mosaic

This is the main part of the constellation Cygnus, including Deneb and Sadr as main stars, covering a field of about 20 by 20 degrees. This image focusses on the rich H-alpha nebulosity in this region. In contains some of the famous emission nebulae, e.g. the North America Nebula, the Pelican Nebula, the Crescent Nebula, […]

Eastern Veil Nebula – First Light QHY 163m

This is the official first-light for my new QHY 163m cooled CMOS camera. For this, I decided to go for the Eastern Veil Nebula, again. The Veil is definitely one of the most striking supernova remnants. The supernova that created it has exploded 8000 years ago and the remnant has been expanding since then. The […]

IC1396 – Again

Yet another take of the Sh2-131 emission nebula in Cepheus with the embedded star cluster IC1396 and home to the famous Elephant’s Trunk Nebula VDB142. It is a large emissions nebula with stunning inlays of dust clouds absorbing most of the lights. The total size of the complex corresponds to about 10 times the full […]

Iris Nebula – AP175 Refractor

This is the Iris Nebula, NGC7023, as seen with the Astro-Physics 175 Starfire Refractor from the Deep Sky West Observatory.   Exposure: LRGB (21,27,23,10) x 900sec Date: 2017-07-17…2017-09-21 Setup: Astro-Physics 175 Starfire with FLI PL16070 Site: Deep Sky West Observatory, NM, USA