2016 January

LDN1622 – “Boogie Man” Nebula

This is a HaRGB image of LDN1622, a striking dark nebula in the constellation Orion not far from M78. It has been dubbed Boogie Man nebula, but there are other more sinister interpretations as well. I used the Ha data together with all RGB to create a luminance channel and combined it with the RGB […]

Jellyfish Nebula – IC443

An image of the Jellyfish Nebula, IC443, in Ha light. Composed from a total of 8 hours of exposure time. Just a first snapshot of this target… more is comming. Exposure: Ha, 16 x 1800sec Date: 2015-12-02…2015-12-04 Setup: Takahashi FSQ106 EDXIII with QSI 683WSG-8 Site: Deep Sky West Observatory, NM, USA

My 2015 Setup

The above image shows a panorama of my dark-site at the Sternenwelt Vogelsberg in summer 2015. There is my little camp in the foreground and the Sternenwelt roll-off building, dome and club house in the background.Below are snapshots of my setup at the time, as usual things are constantly changing. Here are the main pieces:Mount: […]


A dramatic scenery of structures and colors – NGC 1333 and its surroundings. This is a star-forming region, about 1000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Perseus, home of hundreds of newly born stars. NGC 1333 is the blue reflection nebula, surrounded by dusty regions with contrasting red emissions from Herbig-Haro objects, jets and glowing […]