North America and Pelican Complex – Again Elephant’s Trunk Wide-Field Markarians Chain NGC3718 NGC6888 – Crescent Nebula IC2177 – Seagull Nebula Jones-Emberson 1 in RGB and HO

Welcome to DeepSkyView !

I started these pages to keep track of my astrophotography efforts in a kind of personal blog. Everything is build around and focused on images of different  deep-sky objects, such as galactic nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. The images are obtained either with my own equipment or with remotely operated telescopes. With the raw data obtained from these instruments, the adventure of digital image processing starts.  

I will continuously add new deep-sky images and, eventually, there will be additional information on my equipment and processing workflows. Some of my images will also be available at AstroBin.

The beauty of the Universe can be breathtaking and I hope you share my fascination with the sights out there, far beyond our little planet Earth...

Clear Skies,

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