Great Cygnus Wall Sh2-119 – Mono Whale & Crowbar Galaxies Cygnus Loop – Wide Field Dark Nebulae in Vulpecula – VDB126 Sh2-119 – Bering Nebula Heart Nebula – IC1805
northamericadetail_2016-09-21_hos_181016x1800sec_v3 sh2-119_2016-09-27_h_39x600sec_v1 WhaleCrowbar_2016-05-05_LRGB_41x300sec_12+12+12x120sec_v5 Veil_HO_28+24x300sec_Map2c_CT_HIST_DCON_LHEM_LHE_HISTM_HIST_RESMP VDB126_2015-10-23_LRGB_70+12+20+20x600sec_v1 sh2-119_ho_2012x600sec_v1 Heart_2015-11-23_SHO_16+17+15x1800sec_v6

Welcome to DeepSkyView !

I started these pages to keep track of my astrophotography efforts in a kind of personal blog. Everything is build around and focused on images of different  deep-sky objects, such as galactic nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. The images are obtained either with my own equipment or with remotely operated telescopes. Starting from the raw data obtained with these instruments the adventure of digital image processing starts.  

I will continuously add new deep-sky images and, eventually, there will be additional information on equipment and processing. Some of my images will also be available at AstroBin.

The beauty of the Universe can be breathtaking and I hope you share my fascination with the sights out there, far beyond our little planet Earth...

Clear Skies,