2016 October

Cygnus Loop in Bicolor

The complete Cygnus Loop or Veil Complex in a bicolor narrowband rendering. Recently, I posted a version of the same object taken during my summer vacation in the Mediterranean. I liked it, but was not perfectly happy with the raw data and the processing. So, back home I decided to do it again from scratch, […]

Sharpless 155 – The Cave Nebula

The Cave Nebula, Sh2-155, is at the heart of a lively and colorful region in Cepheus. The Ha region Sh2-155 is the red structure in the center of the image, surrounded by a whirl of colorful stars, reflection nebulae, and dark clouds. A beautiful and rich scenery – look at it in full-size view. This […]

Sharpless 64

This is Sharpless 64 (Sh2-64) and its neighborhood in the constellation Serpens Cauda. The star-forming Ha region Sh2-64, also known as Westerhout 40, is the red structure below the image center. But honestly, I find the surrounding nebulosity much more exciting. There is a huge maze of reflection and dark nebulae criss-crossing the whole field […]

van den Bergh 15

This is van den Bergh 15 (vdB 15), a beautiful reflection nebula surrounding the magnitude 5 star C Cam and part of a large dust cloud in Camelopardalis. The image is an LRGB composite using 12.5 hours of data taken at the Deep Sky West Observatory. Exposure: LRGB, (24,17,17,16) x 600sec Date: 2016-03-05…2016-09-27 Setup: Takahashi […]