North America and Pelican Complex – Again

A new three-color narrowband version of the North America and Pelican Complex. Both nebulae belong to the same interstellar cloud of ionized hydrogen gas, but they are separated by a ragged lane of interstellar dust that absorbs their light. The North America (NGC7000) and the Pelican Nebula (IC5070) show rich and diverse structures filling the full 7×6 degree field of view. A perfect target for the QHY 163m plus Samyang 135mm combo.

This is a composite of Ha, OIII and SII exposures with 6 hours total exposure time. As usual, the colors are artificial and chosen to give a clear and pleasing representation of the data. Below you will find another choice for the color mapping as well as a monochrome Ha-only version.

Exposure: HOS, (60,60,60) x 120sec Date: 2018-07-18
Setup: Samyang 135mm f2.0 with QHY 163m Site: Son Marcia, Mallorca, Spain

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