Flaming Star Nebula

The Flaming Star Nebula in a simple Ha narrowband image. Composed of a total of 4 hours of data taken from my balcony in the light-polluted Frankfurt area – Bortle class 7 (red zone). Exposure: H, 24 x 600sec Date: 2016-12-04 Setup: APM 107/700 Triplet APO with ATIK 460 EXm Site: Langen, Hessen, Germany

Elephant’s Trunk Nebula

This is the official first-light image with my new APM 107/700 Triplet APO! It works beautifully with the Hotech SCA Field Flattener and the ATIK 460EXm and produces a nice flat field – much better than my previous setup. This combo will be my high-resolution combo for quite some time. As you will have guessed […]

Sh2-119 – Mono

This is Sharpless 119 (Sh2-119), a nice an often forgotten emission nebula sitting right next to the North America Nebula – somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Probably, this is why are there not many images of it. In addition to the dominant H-alpha emission there are some prominent dark dust lanes. In the center of […]

Sh2-129 – Potato Nebula – Mono

Some people call it Flying Bat Nebula, but I think Potato Nebula is the more fitting name for Sharpless 129 (Sh2-129). The bright star in the upper-right is Alderamin and in the upper-left quadrant you will find a nice compact planetary nebula. This target deserves a little more exposure time to bring out more of […]

IC1396 – Emission Nebula in Cepheus – Mono

The Sh2-131 emission nebula in Cepheus with the embedded star cluster IC1396 and home to the famous Elephant’s Trunk Nebula VDB142. It is a large emissions nebula with stunning inlays of dust clouds absorbing most of the lights. The total size of the complex corresponds to about 10 times the full moon. This is a […]

Sadr Region – Mono

The Sadr region, IC 1318, is the busy neighborhood round the mag 2.2 star Sadr or gamma Cygni. It is a large expanse of nebulosity with dominant Ha emission nebulae and various dark nebulae. The Crescent Nebula (in the lower left corner of the image) is embedded into the region. This is a simple Ha […]

North America and Pelican Complex – Mono

This is the second target for my new wide-field setup, the North America and Pelican Complex. Both belong to the same interstellar cloud of ionized hydrogen gas, but they are separated by a ragged lane of interstellar dust that absorbs their light. The North America (NGC7000) and the Pelican Nebula (IC5070) show a rich and […]

M42 – Orion Nebula in Mono

Something simple for a change… the Orion Nebula, M42, and its neighbourhood in H-alpha light. This mono image results from an HDRComposition of stacked frames with three different exposures to cover the large dynamic range of this target. Exposure: H, 16x60sec + 14x300sec + 8x900sec Date: 2016-1-17 Setup: Takahashi FSQ106 EDXIII with QSI 683WSG-8 Site: […]

Jellyfish Nebula – IC443

An image of the Jellyfish Nebula, IC443, in Ha light. Composed from a total of 8 hours of exposure time. Just a first snapshot of this target… more is comming. Exposure: Ha, 16 x 1800sec Date: 2015-12-02…2015-12-04 Setup: Takahashi FSQ106 EDXIII with QSI 683WSG-8 Site: Deep Sky West Observatory, NM, USA

Heart of the Heart Nebula – IC1805

The central section of the Heart Nebula (IC1805) with the open cluster Melotte 15. The stellar wind and radiation from this cluster of massive host stars, about 1.5 million years young, has sculputured the emission nebula and dark dust clouds into a dramatic scenery. This Ha image was taken from my light-polluted backyard (Bortle class […]