Jones-Emberson 1 in RGB and HO

Jones-Emberson 1, also known as PK164+31.1, is a beautiful planetary nebula in the constellation Lynx. Some people also call it the headphone nebula for obvious reasons. It resulted from the collapse of a sun-like star that expelled its outer layers before collapsing to a white dwarf. The picture shows, both, the shells of gas expelled from the original star and a central blue dot, which is the remaining hot white-dwarf star.

The image above is a two-color narrowband composite from about 14 hours of Ha and OIII data. The image below is an LRGB composite of a total of 16 hours of data, where I use the narrowband data to enhance the luminance channel. Everything taken with the Astro-Physics RH-305 at the Deep Sky West Observatory.

Exposure: LRGB (24,28,22,22) x 600sec
HO (21,22) x 1200sec
Date: 2017-12-02…2017-12-25
Setup: Astro-Physics RH-305 with FLI ML8300 Site: Deep Sky West Observatory, NM, USA


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